Funny identical twin magic show, will travel! Saskatoon, Regina, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg


Funny Identical Twin Magic Act, funny, Saskatoon, magician, magic

Being “present”.

Sometimes we get crazy mini tours that look like this. Saskatoon – conference strolling  magic, Regina – convention/gala stage show, Calgary – strolling magic and stage show, Edmonton – formal close-up show, Winnipeg  – two day trade show – complete with specialized script.  All of these performances were for corporations ranging from Remax to Mylan Pharmaceuticals.

You have to keep in mind these bookings were all within an eight day period. The key was being extremely organized, and to be “present” at each of these events.

Even though you might be doing the same performance that you’ve done hundreds of times before, you have to remember that to this audience, it’s the first time seeing it.  Of course, being an identical twin magic act, it’s unlikely the audience has seen an act like ours before.  In our case, that’s huge plus.

We enter the stage with plenty of energy and connect with as many people as possible during our shows.  This can be done through just a smile, eye contact, using someone’s name etc.

The same thing applies if you’re giving a speech or acting as an MC for an event. It never hurts to mention a few key people by name, or include some relevant story pertaining to the event.  It lets the audience know that you’ve made an effort to be part of the group and that you’re “present”.

We know some very famous touring artists who keep a cheat sheet on stage with them to remind them of where they are, and what key point/story to mention pertaining to the city they’re in. The fans love it since it shows that the artist cares about them.  It’s not just another gig.

So the next time you have to give a presentation to even the smallest group, try to make an effort to be “present”. Even a bad joke can help break the ice, if it’s pertinent to your audience.

We have to go.  Back on the road soon.