Magic at Weddings? Great idea!

“You’re in our wedding album!  You were too good not to have in there.”

We love what we do and as Saskatchewan entertainers we have to be willing to travel…. a lot.  In a single week we can be performing our Double Vision, Twin Magic and Comedy show in Manitoba, Alberta, and British Columbia, then hop a plane back to Saskatchewan to be at a wedding as special strolling or stage entertainment.

Diversity is the key, and the aforementioned wedding entertainment is something more and more couples are looking at now.  Over the years, we’ve noticed a shift away from the usual band/dance wedding events.  Couples want something more creative and memorable for their guests.  The bride and groom are the stars of the festivities and some of our magic is specialized to use the newlyweds names, the wedding date etc…  It helps to create an even more unforgettable day.

Using a professional act is a direct reflection on the quality of the event. In our business of magical entertainment, an audience can sense immediately if the performer on stage or strolling at the wedding reception is a professional.  When an audience realizes they’re in good hands, everyone relaxes and can have a good time.

Every couple needs the big day to “stand out from the crowd” and with our unique talents and experience, we supply that.

We have the talent to ensure every event we’re called on to do is a success,  but diversity without discipline is like marriage without commitment.  It may last a while, but you need actual love to make the trip together.

Mitchell Hrycan

Double Vision

Funny identical twin magic show, will travel! Saskatoon, Regina, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg


Funny Identical Twin Magic Act, funny, Saskatoon, magician, magic

Being “present”.

Sometimes we get crazy mini tours that look like this. Saskatoon – conference strolling  magic, Regina – convention/gala stage show, Calgary – strolling magic and stage show, Edmonton – formal close-up show, Winnipeg  – two day trade show – complete with specialized script.  All of these performances were for corporations ranging from Remax to Mylan Pharmaceuticals. Continue reading Funny identical twin magic show, will travel! Saskatoon, Regina, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg

That’s a great trick! Are you a magician? Not quite.

Amateur vs. Professional

Our clients, not only in Saskatchewan, but across North America, have come to trust our act as one they can rely upon to deliver great, “clean” entertainment.  We work hard to combine our original twin magic with music,  clean comedy, and audience participation.  We are a professional magic act. Continue reading That’s a great trick! Are you a magician? Not quite.

“An incredible magic show…”

incredible magic show, mentalists, comedy, twins, Saskatoon, conference, convnetion, entertainment

Be Seen, Be Heard, Be Good

Whenever, we hear a comment from a client like “that was an incredible magic show, very entertaining!”, we know we’ve achieved our three key objectives.

Whether you’re a public speaker, performer, or doing a “live” webinar, being seen, being heard and being good would seem to be automatic. Unfortunately, we’ve seen many presenters at conferences/conventions have two out of three, and that’s not good enough. Continue reading “An incredible magic show…”

You’re twins and you do a comedy magic act, wow!

Why have just another magic act, when you can experience Double Vision! Contact us to book your next event, from corporate events, private events, cruise ships, casinos, trade shows, conventions, conferences, conventions, fundraisers, charity events, comedy clubs, fairs and festivals.

What makes you one-of-a-kind?

Obviously, in our case, being identical twins makes our act a great corporate entertainment choice for conferences, conventions, fundraisers etc. We’re able to create and perform routines that are specifically designed for our act, and our clients appreciate the fact that we’re not just another comedy magic act doing the same stuff everyone else is doing. If they want to see a routine we do, the only place they’ll see it is by booking Double Vision. Continue reading You’re twins and you do a comedy magic act, wow!