That’s a great trick! Are you a magician? Not quite.

Amateur vs. Professional

Our clients, not only in Saskatchewan, but across North America, have come to trust our act as one they can rely upon to deliver great, “clean” entertainment.  We work hard to combine our original twin magic with music,  clean comedy, and audience participation.  We are a professional magic act.

When we say we’re professional magic act, what we really mean is, this is all we do! We’re not a lawyer who knows a few card tricks, and does one or two shows a year.  As Double Vision, our focus is on nothing else, but our clients, our act and show business.  This means that when a client contacts us with a special request, we can give that project the time it deserves.

We’ve seen some very talented amateur/hobbyist magicians, but there is a big difference between an amateur and a professional when it comes to the performance of magic and illusion.

If a professional magician has something go wrong, it can have a lasting impression on not only his audience, but also his income. We always believe that our act is only as good as our last show.  This puts pressure on each performance, but it also keeps us on our toes.

Michael and I spend a large part of our time thinking of ways to present items in our shows that are original, refreshing and current.  A master of magic once paraphrased, “Perfection is no detail, but details make for perfection”.  

If we were an event planner, or Fortune 500 company, we would rather put our reputation in the hands a professional act, with a proven track record.  In this case, as with many others, you get what you pay for.

Think twin!