“An incredible magic show…”

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Be Seen, Be Heard, Be Good

Whenever, we hear a comment from a client like “that was an incredible magic show, very entertaining!”, we know we’ve achieved our three key objectives.

Whether you’re a public speaker, performer, or doing a “live” webinar, being seen, being heard and being good would seem to be automatic. Unfortunately, we’ve seen many presenters at conferences/conventions have two out of three, and that’s not good enough.

Our clients are paying for a quality product and it’s our job to provide it. That’s why we have a good technical rider.  Stating what we need in the way of lighting, stage size (and more importantly, height), a PA system, including if we need a projector/projection screen and a sound technician.

We’ve seen some terrific presenters fall flat because they didn’t put in the effort to ensure they controlled their environment. We always get to the assigned area early for our pre-arranged sound check, including making sure the projector and screen is working properly.  An outline of our presentation for the sound technician makes sure that we’re all on the same page too.

This is also the time we check out the stage or presentation area. If something is amiss i.e. there is no stage, or no stairs, wrong height etc.… this is when we talk to the hotel staff to make the best of the situation.

Arranging to meet with the MC at this time is also a good idea.  We get an outline of the evening and give the MC our written introduction with instructions to read it with some enthusiasm, since in many ways that person will be our opening act.  Having our introduction printed in a large format will also help the MC from struggling to read it.

Also, of importance is to know what’s happening after our presentation, since this will help to keep things flowing along.

Needless to say, we provide the best performance possible for each of our clients.  Whether you’re a performer or a real estate agent, it’s all about making the client happy.

Our clients appreciate our attention to detail, and so do our audiences.

So be seen, be heard and be good.  www.doublevisionmagic.com